Brazilian police points shotgun into cyclers

Uneducated police set public security under serious risk.

During Brazilian version of Critical Mass, known as Bicicletada, September 25, in Curitiba (south Brazil), about 30 cyclers were threatened with shotguns and forced to abandon group pedalling (see picture above).  Unconformed activists destroyed illegal excessive electoral campaign posters that polluted urban esthetics. Several police vehicles started to follow the cyclers who were stopped by exaggerated action. This was just at the moment when activists obstructed a car in order to help an elderly man to cross a street in a symbolic action to demonstrate pacific companionship between pedestrians and vehicles is possible. Militaries needlessly pulled out weapons against the cyclers putting people lives in danger. No one was arrested.

Created in San Francisco, CA, by 1992, Critical Mass aims to peacefully recover spaces taken by the automobile and show that bikes are the most efficient transport in the cities. Known as the brazilian eco-city, Curitiba ironically has the major car/inhabitants rate in the country: 0,6. Municipality investments in bicycle infrastructure are very short as well.


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