Pullip dolls come to life by art of Júlia Röehrig

I decided to post this when a great friend of mine asked me a tip for his 13 years old daughter, who needed a photography course. He was astonished because some pictures she had made of her doll. Dad stuff, I thought to myself, until take my own look on it. It´s photos of Pullip dolls, toys invented by south koreans by 2003 and brought onto the market by japaneses afterwards.

It´s a collector thing more than a simple toy.  These dolls can come to life in creative hands like Júlia Röehrig´s. Provided of a good camera and unique sensibility, she took her Pullip (called Hayley) to reproduce behaviors, feelings and states of spirit owned by real people.

Diving far far deeper than pullip photographers from Flickr and fansites, Júlia has an inherent special gift to cope with light and composition. Attentive to details, she transforms a little corner of her own room, backyard ou grandma´s into miniaturized filming sets. Certainly there are other pullip photographers equipped with professional junks, backgrounds and further obviousnesses. But none can do it like Júlia Röehrig, taking maximum advantage of articulation and possible doll´s moves to portray a sweet adolescent behavior which seems to be her own in typical scenes of that stage of life but not to drive us trough stereotypes.

Met the two-in-one Júlia’s blog by clicking here. Mommy’s (Júlia) and Hayley’s (doll) posts intercalate each other. Some picture sequences are small stories based in real life of a future scriptwriter-photographer-fashion designer. Yeah…  Júlia sews up some Hayleys outfits as well.


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