74 years old bike will be restored

Fabio Riesemberg


My father-in-law has just earned a women german Dürkopp bicycle (kind of “deercup” pronunciation), made in 1936. For my delighting it will be under my custody for a long time because I intend to help him to restore. This bike impresses considering its resistence over the years and because it rides very fine even with most of original parts remained. Curiosities about this 74 years old lady form a rich and important historic information source and I found that I still don’t know 20% of them at least. The 28 inches rims give it a charming look and provides a more confortable riding, since there’s no sort of suspension unless a spring saddle unknown as an original part.

At a first glance peculiar nets fixed on rear fender call our attention. They were pretty timely to avoid women dresses entweining into the spokes. Rear wheel is mounted on a famous Torpedo hub, with the number 36 recorded on it that allow to date the bike manufacturing.

Rudimental and inefficient front brake restricts to a rubber shoe that stops the wheel by simple friction activated through a brake lever pretty similar as we know equipping nowadays bikes. Upper-case “D” decorates front fender in a tradicional way just like is noticed in cars and motorbikes as well. I ask old bike aficctionated surfers to collaborate sending other kinds of information about this Dürkopp model if possible.

About the brand I found some interesting facts. Dürkopp company was established in 1867 as Dürkopp & Schmidt (by the way, is also curious that this bike ex-owner is homonymly named Dagmar Schmidt), in Bielefeld, Germany, aiming sewing machines manufacturing. At that year Bielefeld will be marked by the Industrial Revolution as it had a textile vocation among its production activities. Be known Dürkopp grew up with Bielefeld and became the greater automobile, bicycles and ball bearing producer in Germany until limited its activities to textile few after World War II. Well I will stop here for a while and tell you more about Dürkopp’s history afterwards.


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